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The importance of wearing jewelry

No doubt wearing jewelry in general and especially sustainable jewelry helps women to look more beautiful and gorgeous. It is as well as a symbol of prestige, wealth, power and pride.

Every corner of the world has its collection of jewelry with its ethnic or traditional touch.

Whether it’s a necklace, bracelets or earrings, every variety of jewelry has its uniqueness and specialty.

Wearing jewelry completes the look. Wearing jewelry is as much as important, wearing an outfit.

Without wearing jewelry the total look will not be complete.

What Jewelry is made of?

You can check online and offline stores and find varieties of jewelry available. It can be made up of metal, wood, glass, stone, plastic or from any substance which you have never expected.

Metals like: Gold, Silver, platinum, palladium, Copper, Iron, Stainless still, bronze, etc. and stones like gemstones, diamonds, pearls, American diamonds, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Normal marble stones are used for making jewelry.

Wear Jewelry with care

From the full range of jewelry verities sustainable and eco-friendly jewelry made up of using only environmentally friendly organic materials are now on-demand.

People now want to take a stand to protect the environment in any way they can. So, they simply try to avoid inorganic chemical substances which also used for jewelry designing as these substances cause severe harm to our ecosystem.

Using environmental-friendly jewelry may reduce the chance of damage to it.

You can choose local handicraft jewelry that uses local organic materials for making attractive ethical jewelry to keep your environment safe.

How sustainable jewelry can help?

Wear natural hand made products or something which is organic can lead to promoting environmental conservation. It is fashionable, trendy and organic. You can not gift anything to nature if you want to gift something then that can be not to pollute it.

You can take initiatives to protect from pollution and degradation in any way. Wearing sustainable jewelry is also a step towards it. You can say you are wearing eco-friendly Jewelry.

Steps are taken nowadays to make sustainable jewelry by recycling old jewelry or upcycling of items to convert it into a jewelry piece. Old jewelry is melted and converted to a new one.

Also, initiatives are taken to manufacture and package jewelry by using innovative methods and techniques which impact the environment less. Such ethical ways of making jewelry cause less harm to the ecosystem.

Metals used for making ethical jewelry can be extracted from mines by using less pollution-causing techniques. It does not promote irregular and irresponsible mining technology.

The goal to make such products includes every step from manufacturing to selling. Each step is accompanied by initiatives to protect the environment.

  • Online advertisements instead of using paper leaflets for advertising. The use of paper for advertising purposes is avoided by using this method.
  • The number of buyers conscious for the environment is now increasing
  • Replace light bulbs in manufacturing units with compact fluorescent ones. As they are long-lasting and uses less energy
  • Packaging of jewelry should be done with recycled material, fabric, paper, etc.
  • Also, use labeling made up of eco paper to drag the attention of the customers
  • Choose energy saving and renewable tools for making jewelry

Materials Used to Make sustainable Jewelry

  • Clay Jewelry: One can use colorful bid made from clay to make jewelry. It will give an ethnic and natural look.
  • Metal Jewelry: Metals like gold, copper, silver, brass, platinum, iron, still are basic materials for jewelry making.
  • Jute or Cotton: Thread jewelry is now in fashion. Neckpiece and earrings made from colorful thread are attractive and gives you an elegant look.
  • Stone: Stone is used for jewelry making. It is an old idea though. But you can find more attractive party wear and wedding jewelry made up of gemstone and marbles.
  • Recycled glass: This is an extraordinary collection of jewelry. These are eco-friendly jewelry made up of recycled glass beads. You can get jewelry made from various beads of different shapes and sizes and also colors. These usually are hand made, but each piece is different from the other.
  • Chic Recycled Jewelry: Waste materials like coupons, crossword, Sudoku, stock lists, and comic strips are recycled to make jewelry. Lightweight jewelry for multipurpose use is also made.
  • Recycled electronics jewelry: You will be surprised to know about this jewelry. These are made up of used electronic parts, Circuit boards, capacitors, and resistors.
  • Recycled plastic jewelry: Converting used plastic bottles, wrappers, polythene, cups, etc. into jewelry is an innovative idea. Kumvana Gomani, a famous jewelry designer, is expertise in it.

Brands for sustainable jewelry

Some of the reputed branded companies are now focusing on making sustainable jewelry. They are few in number.

Given below are few examples of eco jewelry selling brands.

1. Babareki Beads

It was the first company that started selling eco-friendly beaded jewelry in the year 2003.

2. Ben Manning

Famous eco-friendly jewelry maker in Australia.

He uses the small silver pieces extracted from x-rays and old photographic wastes for making jewelry.

He also uses recycled silver and copper mined from old mobile chargers.

Bamboo, Soya Wood, Rubber recycled from the telecom industry are common materials used in his manufacturing unit for making ethical jewelry.

3. Simone Walsh

It is a Jewelry brand used to create the best eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable jewelry.

The jewelry is made from precious metal which is recycled, e.g. silver, gold, platinum, etc.

As these metals can quickly be melted down and can be reused. Also good at making handmade jewelry.

It Uses natural gemstones as decorative to create attractive and eye-catching designer jewelry.

The colorful jewelry draws one’s eye. Also make use of recycled plastic, paper, thread for beautifying the packaging. Now it’s products are more in demand.

4. Boma

Boma is a jewelry designing company that uses OSHA certified recycled metals, mining free metals, conflict-free metals for designing jewelry. It is popular for making sustainable jewels from wasted materials.

5. Ten Thousand Villages

Popular for making stylish fashion jewelry, handcrafted by artisans and ideal for improving better environmental conditions.

It causes no harm to the environment. Authenticate jewelry brand for making handmade jewelry.


Able’s affordable jewelry made from sustainable elements that can attract anyone.

You can buy its jewelry online. If you want to gift something different and precious, you can choose from ABLE.

7. Bikini

Add products to your wardrobe from Bikini and stylize yourself with its wide range of ethical jewelry.

It is good at making jewelry which best suits to natural Gambian fashion. Uses hand made beads for jewelry making.

8. Bivei

A naturally colored gemstone is used for jewelry making. Avoids the use of toxic paints or dyes to color the stones.

They have jewelry of every kind from beautiful neckpiece to handcrafted bangles, bracelets, finger rings, toe rings, etc.

9. Bario Neal

Founded in 2008 as a feminist brand.

It is a women-owned company making long-lasting sustainable jewelry.

It does not have any separate manufacturing unit; instead, every piece of jewelry is made at their in house unit.

Each piece it produces is a unique one.

They make jewelry for wedding, engagement, party, office wear, daily wear, etc.

10. Carolyn Pollack

All of Carolyn Pollack’s designs are beautiful. Multicolored gemstone embedded in gold or silver base makes it merely great.

It thinks about the environment and makes an effort to do something different for it through its work.

11. DharmaCrafts

DharmaCrafts makes stylish jewels specially Tranquility Clasp Bracelet. This is a product for which you just can’t say “no” to buy.

They use eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, threads, beads, stones to create accessories.

12. Founder Laura Cave

This brand manages to organize healthy working conditions for people who work to make jewelry for this brand.

They are specialized in making eco and ethical jewelry.

People are getting good wages for their work. So, you can say it is an environmentally friendly and cruelty-free jewelry making company.


NOVICA makes products like Meditation Rings. It helps artists to get better livelihood and practice their trade independently.

They use eco-friendly raw materials for the production of jewelry.

14. MANA Recycled Jewelry

The eco-designer Mana Bernardes is the founder of this Brazil-based jewel company.

You will be surprised to see the jewelry made from waste like circuit boards, plastic bottles, phone cards, and hairpins.

The things we through into dustbins can now be transformed into stylish jewelry.

This no doubt will reduce the pollution rate and also gives rise to innovative and uprising companies for designing jewelry in a new form.

Pebbles, glass pieces, used bottles, straws, perfume bottles can be recycled and used for making jewelry.

Purchasing sustainable jewelry can give a little relief to environmental pollution.

Originally published at on March 12, 2020.




A full Guide For A Sustainable Lifestyle

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A full Guide For A Sustainable Lifestyle

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